DA13 Fans application manual revised

by FM Media
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AIRAH has released a revised and updated version of its DA13 Fans application manual, a publication that provides a complete overview of fan usage in HVAC&R.

First published in 1987, the 2013 updated version of the DA13 Fans application manual includes new fan motor designs, new control strategies, mandatory energy performance standards, and new or revised energy efficiency requirements for fan applications in the BCA.
DA13 editor Vince Aherne, M.AIRAH, says the revised DA13 Fans application manual covers up-to-date best practice, such as promoting speed control over other forms of control, and understanding the importance of monitoring and maintenance in achieving efficiency.
It is a must-read reference for anyone involved in the design, selection, installation, operation, maintenance and assessment of fans and fan systems, according to Phil Wilkinson, CEO of AIRAH. The 2013 edition of DA13 Fans is available from AIRAH’s online store.

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