De Bortoli installs solar thermal plant

by FM Media
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A 200-kilowatt solar thermal plant – the largest solar thermal plant on a winery in Australasia – has been installed at De Bortoli.

De Bortoli Wines was looking to expand its bottling lines to keep up with increased demand. This was seen as an opportunity to not only increase efficiency of the production line, but also design the new plant with energy efficiency in mind to reduce its overall energy usage. This included using wall and ceiling insulation, high efficiency HVAC, condensing boilers, a 230-kilowatt photovoltaic solar system and a 200-kilowatt Apricus solar thermal plant – the largest solar thermal plant on a winery in Australasia.
De Bortoli’s solar thermal system uses 3000 Apricus evacuated tubes to preheat the condensing boilers to dramatically reduce their gas consumption. The Apricus evacuated tubes were a perfect fit for this application due to their built-in frost protection (-15 degrees Celsius rating without glycol) and high temperature performance. The collectors were mounted on a 37 degrees pitch to maximise solar performance during winter.
After commissioning, the system was powered on from 8am with a starting water temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The system achieved 12,000 litres of storage at a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius by 3.30pm. Ambient temperatures were 10.9 to 19.9 degrees Celsius.

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