Demand rises for Facilio’s CaFM software

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Facilio's Connected CaFM

Facilio, a property operations and maintenance software provider, has witnessed a 100 percent increase in demand for its Connected CaFM (computer-aided facility management) software in the last six months.

The company, which expanded into Australia and New Zealand in June, has strengthened the capabilities of its Connected CaFM solution. This software platform consolidates all property maintenance, client engagement, vendor management, asset performance monitoring and reporting in a single solution.

“Building owners and operators expect FM service providers to become strategic partners, proactively contributing to their process efficiency and business outcomes,” says Facilio CEO Prabhu Ramachandran.

“This is not possible if you are still stuck managing day-to-day operations using legacy systems and multiple point solutions. In the context of such evolving expectations and to win in an increasingly competitive market, FM service providers are making the switch to a connected CaFM approach.”

User response to Connected CaFM

According to Facilio, real estate owners, operators and FM service providers recognise now more than ever before the need for real-time operational intelligence to help them make informed decisions about areas for improvement.

Q3 Services, a facilities management service provider in the United Arab Emirates, is among those that have adopted Connected CaFM.

“The future we see for Q3 is in integrated FM providing the entire gamut of services,” says managing director Mark Hazelwood. 

“Data-driven delivery is absolutely key to do this well, and without a Connected CaFM platform, it’s just not possible.”

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