Innovative automated storage solution set for installation at Australian warehouse

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Dematic has announced the first installation of its AutoStore solution in the Australia and New Zealand region will take place at Hallite’s warehouse in Perth, WA.

AutoStore is a fully scalable storage and order picking system for small items and packages. It consists of an aluminium grid housing plastic totes that provide storage space for warehouse goods. Hallite – a global manufacturer of seals and sealing solutions for the hydraulics industry – will install a system including approximately 4000 totes, three conveyor ports, and four robots.

Dematic's concept for the Hallite AutoStore installation

Dematic’s concept for the Hallite AutoStore installation

When an order is placed, the robots retrieve goods previously loaded into the totes, before placing them on a conveyor for instant delivery to workers. Over time, the system optimises pick and delivery times by keeping goods in higher demand further up in the tote stacks.

“The key benefit of the AutoStore solution for companies such as Hallite is the reduced footprint required to store a high range of SKUs, together with the fact that it is suitable for retrofitting into an existing site, including designing around existing building columns,” says Pas Tomasiello, Dematic’s senior director integrated system groups for the ANZ region.

Around 160 AutoStore systems are currently in operation in the world, highlighting the relative infancy yet growing demand of such advanced solutions. Whether such technology turns out to be the ultimate storage solution in a time of increasing automation remains to be seen, but the flexibility it provides and safety concerns it alleviates are undeniable.

So too is the amount of time saved by companies transferring to automated storage solutions. Hallite says a desire to improve lead times and ensure product availability is a primary driver for the decision to install AutoStore, as well as its future-proof potential.

The automated storage and retrieval system market is expected to double over the next decade.

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