Dematic offers tools for training staff on Voice solutions

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Dematic is offering a range of training tools to help warehouses get their employees an Voice solutions with ease and cost efficiency.

Dematic’s Voice training includes Honeywell’s Vocollect RapidStart and Vocollect Academy programs, which offer step-by-step instructional guides and visual support tools for rapid and independent training of Australian and New Zealand distribution centres (DCs) staff.

RapidStart eliminates the need for lengthy training by supervisors or other staff members. It is a new capability provided with Honeywell’s Vocollect VoiceCatalyst software to enable quicker training for new staff and seasonal workers, making it a valuable tool for DCs during peak operational periods.

New and existing warehouse employees can log onto a secure, round-the-clock online portal that guides them through a series of instructional briefings that inform them of the practical aspects of using Voice solutions, such as operator use, care, storage, product updates.

“Training is an essential component of successfully getting new staff up to speed on a Voice solution so they are able to start offering the highest level of productivity as soon as possible,” Dematic’s General Manager of Real Time Logistics Brian Lang said. “A quick turn-around on worker productivity will greatly help DC managers who are currently faced with increasing challenges including a globalised economy, changing supply chain models and industry regulations.”

Dematic is a global engineering company that provides a comprehensive range of intelligent warehouse logistics and materials handling solutions.

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