Direct replacement of inefficient downlights enabled

by FM Media
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Ilum-a-Lite has released a new product that allows for the direct replacement of downlights and can save up to 32 W of energy per fitting, according to the company.

Ilum-a-Lite’s newly released Azelite Azsence 6 inch and 8 inch dimmable recessed downlights are ideal for the replacement of conventional PLC and PLT downlights (compact fluorescent downlights). The new product changes a standard PL fluorescent downlight from twin 26 W PL with conventional ballasts to a 30 W Azelite Azsence downlight, saving up to 32 W of energy per fitting, according to the company. Lower wattage versions are available to meet most retrofit situations and the Azelite Azsence is registered with IPART for the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.
“The product represents great value for money and represents a one-for-one replacement for traditional PLC AND PLT fluorescent downlights with superior light output, energy savings and maintenance costs,” George Stylianou, national commercial manager of Ilum-a-Lite, says. A wide range of applications are applicable, such as offices, shopping centres, retail stores, hospitals, medical clinics, commercial and public areas, hotel rooms and foyers, kitchens, restrooms and living areas.

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