Early signs of success in BuildingIQ’s ATP project

by Editor
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Early results from BuildingIQ’s trial run of its Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO) at the National Information and Technology Communications Center of Australia (NICTA) show improvements in the total energy savings at the facility.

NICTA is part of the Australian Technology Park (ATP), a business and technology centre comprising of five distinct buildings located in Sydney.

It was a challenging task for BuildingIQ to attempt to increase the energy efficiency of a building that already has a NABERS rating of 5.5, but results from the NICTA trail run show that since the application of BuildingIQ’s PEO model, energy savings have increased up to 17 percent.

Based on the initial success rate, it is expected that BuildingIQ will be able to deliver the three requirements of this project: to produce significant energy savings; to improve the NABERS rating of the NICTA building if possible; and to support and elevate the government’s drive for sustainable development.


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