Effortless internal environment monitoring

by FM Media
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Effortlessly measure CO2 levels, temperature and humidity in office environments, HVAC systems, and storage and warehousing with this desktop carbon dioxide meter.

Used for monitoring office environments, HVAC systems, and storage and warehousing, OnSolution’s KeepAlert desktop carbon dioxide (CO2) meter measures CO2 levels, temperature and humidity. The meter features a large LCD that simultaneously displays CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity, date and time; easy touch buttons; and a solid base.
The rear cover of the KeepAlert desktop CO2 meter has a vent design for sensing correct CO2 concentration in the air. The alarm sounds when the CO2 level reaches pre-set values. The Hi/Lo alarm threshold is selectable and easy to reset by pressing one button.
In addition, Recall Max and Min CO2 readings from power on Automatic Baseline Compensation (ABC) may be disabled when located in average air concentration places such as hospitals and other areas that are open for 24 hours a day. The KeepAlert Desktop meter simply plugs into a power point and normally no maintenance is required.

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