Elevator and escalator safety highlighted

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Elevator and escalator safety was highlighted at the 2013 KONE annual People Flow Day.

KONE’s annual People Flow Day, which took place last week, saw close to 1000 KONE employees in more than 30 countries around the world acting as researchers and visiting more than 100 sites to get closer to customers and building users.
In Australia, close to 40 KONE employees studied what makes an elevator or escalator ride a smooth, safe and functional experience. Via this ethnographic study, KONE gains a deeper understanding of customer needs and the user experience in practice.
Safety was chosen as the theme for this year’s event. With millions of people using escalators, elevators, autowalks, and automatic building doors, the topic affects us all.
“Safety is of utmost importance, and we constantly strive towards achieving our ultimate goal of zero accidents by paying rigorous attention to our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes,” says Tomio Pihkala, executive vice president of safety, quality and installation at KONE Corporation.
“People Flow Day is a great example of how we can make our safety culture even stronger by engaging our people. It is also a great opportunity for us to listen to our customers and end users and educate them on the safe use of equipment,” he adds.
KONE teams were out in the field in Perth, Sydeny, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland researching a number of shopping centres, office buildings and a casino; presenting the opportunity to collect a diverse set of observations and viewpoints.
The valuable data obtained during the event will be passed on to KONE’s research and development teams with the future objective of developing new solutions. KONE regularly conducts end-user studies to test the usability of solutions in different building environments.

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