Energy efficient independent temperature control

by FM Media
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A new energy efficient heat recovery system that facilitates simultaneous cooling and heating has been launched.

Fujitsu General has launched its AIRSTAGETM VR-II heat recovery system. Designed for installation into new and existing commercial premises, the new VR-II large capacity multi-VRF air-conditioning system facilitates simultaneous cooling and heating, thus temperatures can be adjusted to suit the needs of different areas within a building.
Ideal for applications where independent temperature control is desirable, VR-II includes 12 types of indoor units (55 models in total) ranging in capacity from 2.2 to 25 kilowatts and includes 1000 metres (maximum) of piping, a flexible piping connection design, two refrigerant branch unit options and the ability to freely position RB units.
Fujitsu’s AIRSTAGE VR-II heat recovery is a highly energy efficient system, using a large capacity DC twin rotary compressor with excellent intermediate capacity. The inverter compressor delivers precision speed control in 0.1Hz steps as frequency increases for additional efficiency benefits. Operating options include individual, central and building management control.

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