Energy efficient outdoor heating

by FM Media
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An even and comfortable heat is provided by the energy efficient Heatstrip Classic electric radiant heater.

Thermofilm’s Heatstrip Classic electric radiant heater not only provides an even and comfortable heat, but is also energy efficient. Thermofilm states that the heater’s running costs start from just 30 cents per hour (based on 20 cents per hour tariff on Model Heatstrip Classic THH1500A).
New accessories allow the heater to be flush mounted in a ceiling and, if it is a high ceiling, the units can be lowered with extension poles and suspension chains. Other mounting options are also available. Its alloy casing protects it from corrosion, and it has no internal moving parts, ensuring silent and maintenance-free operation.
The new Heatstrip Max heater is suited to areas in which more intense heat is required. A unique feature of this high-temperature infrared heater is its low-glow incoloy element. While it has a heat output of up to 680 degrees Celsius, it is still energy efficient.

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