Energy saving HVAC cleaning system

by FM Media
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Energy savings from 18 to over 25 percent can be achieved by using this system on chillers.

By using BallTech Australia’s BallTech systems on chillers, energy savings from 18 to over 25 percent can be achieved. The BallTech system is designed for automatic, continuous cleaning of heat exchanger tubes using hydro-mechanical principles.
The system injects sponge balls into the condenser cooling water upstream of the chiller. The balls are made of soft sponge and are slightly larger than the inside tube diameter of the water-cooled condenser tubes. They quickly pass through the condenser, wiping the tube surfaces clean before scale or biofilm deposits can develop. The balls are collected by a trap installed on the downstream side of the condenser. They are returned to the injector through a small diameter bypass pipe, where they are rinsed clean and stored ready for the next cycle.
The balls are reused in a continuous and automatic operation. The BallTech system initiates a cycle every 30 minute as long as the chiller is in operation. The system provides an environmentally friendly method of cleaning heating, ventilation and cooling systems. It keeps operating costs down by improving the efficiency of operations, cutting maintenance costs and reducing energy use.

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