Energy saving program for Queensland business

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From 1 July, businesses will be hit with an 11.5 to 14.3 percent increase on power bills due to the rise in regulated electricity tariffs. Queensland Watt Savers is a free energy efficiency program created to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and community organisations in south-east Queensland reduce their energy use.

Queensland Watt Savers is designed to give SMEs easy-to-use tools, subsidised audits and expertise to fully understand their options to reduce energy consumption and related expenses.

The program has been developed by CitySmart, Brisbane City Council’s Sustainability Agency, in conjunction with its corporate partners including Rio Tinto, Business South Bank, ENERGEX, Low Carbon Australia and the University of Southern Queensland.

“We are really pleased that through Watt Savers we can provide businesses with such a rich set of tools, information, financing assistance, action plans and other services to help them save money while also reducing peak demand on the south-east Queensland electricity grid,” says Megan Houghton, CEO, CitySmart.

The three greatest hurdles SMEs and community organisations face in becoming more energy efficient are upfront costs, time and availability of information. The Watt Savers program provides a one-stop shop that assists businesses to address these challenges.

Watt Savers is delivered via a comprehensive online portal and members also have access to online savings calculators and heavily subsidised tailored on-site energy reviews.

Currently 237 businesses are part of the program, including the Queensland Theatre Company, Cerebral Palsy Queensland and Archicentre.

Eligible businesses can register for the program at However, registration closes on 31 August 2014, so hurry. A very limited number of heavily subsidised energy audits are also available at the time of writing.

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