Enerpac collaborates with Waltan Tools & Equipment in SA

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A global name in professional bolting technologies, Enerpac, has joined forces with Waltan Tools & Equipment to optimise services available to companies adopting and expanding their use of high-safety, high efficiency and non-impact torque wrench and other advanced hydraulic fastening technologies in South Australia.

Waltan Tools & Equipment – which has been appointed Enerpac Specialised Bolting distributor in SA – has more than 25 years experience in applying practical, safe and efficient bolting solutions for companies in sectors such as mining and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and materials handling and construction.

Waltan Tools & Equipment also offers training for operators in all facets of flange management, as well as periodic inspection and calibration services to ensure ongoing safety, accuracy and joint integrity. These services ideally complement the technologies and services offered by Enerpac throughout Australasia by Enerpac Bolting and Territory Managers working with a network of distributors established over more than 50 years.

Enerpac offers complete families of advanced bolting technologies to handle the toughest jobs dished out by industries such as construction, infrastructure, mining and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and materials handling and fabrication and maintenance of mobile and fixed plant extending from vehicles and machinery to pipelines and storage vessels.

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