Enhanced workplace drug testing

by FM Media
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Workplace drug testing in safety sensitive industries creates a safe working environment, minimises risk and provides accident-related cost savings. Oral fluid drug testing is now available as well as urine testing.

“While urine testing has its advantages and is the most appropriate testing method in some circumstances, the fact that an oral fluid drug testing product has an independent certificate of compliance is a game-changer,” Steve Korkoneas, Medvet national operations and technical manager, states.
“It is less intrusive for employees, and eliminates the need for special testing facilities or gender-specific staffing to supervise the process, which can be required for urine testing. There is no mess and the testing process is 100 percent observable,” he adds.
According to Medvet, when looking for an oral fluid drug testing provider, it is important to ask whether they:

  • can provide a record of certification for the on-site oral fluid device
  • use a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory to confirm results
  • have an in-house toxicologist
  • offer 24/7 support
  • have adequate product and public liability insurance
  • can assist in the development or update of drug and alcohol testing policies
  • train and educate employees to help them understand the risks associated with drug use in the workplace
  • have a toll free number for confidential drug and alcohol advice, and
  • have assessed and certified collectors around the country.

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