Ensure your automatic fire alarm monitoring is NBN-ready

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With the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout underway, it is a good time to for facility and plant managers to check their buildings’ monitored fire systems are NBN-ready. It is a quick step in order to avoid and protect people and property from the damage caused in case of a fire incident.

Traditionally, automatic fire alarm systems work by sending alarm signals through an existing analogue copper telephone line to an alarm response centre. But according to an announcement made by the Federal Government and Telstra, the existing copper telephone line network will eventually be removed and once the NBN is in place, fire alarm systems will be connected to a premise using fibre technology.

ADT Fire Monitoring is reminding facility and plant managers to ensure their automatic fire alarm system is NBN-ready. Here are a few simple tips:

1. Check that the retail services provider (RSP) that you use for telecommunication services will provide service on the UNI-V voice port.
2. Advise the RSP that you have essential Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring and provide the back-up phone number. Ask for this number to be converted and added as a voice service as part of the NBN conversion.
3. Request a back-up battery for your communication device to ensure the alarm will still be able to communicate in the event of a power failure.
4. When connected to the NBN, call your fire alarm monitoring provider to confirm correct operation of the phone line.

However, it is important for property managers to know that the existing copper phone line must not be disconnected until it is confirmed that the fire monitoring system is connected and operational to the NBN box.

ADT Fire Monitoring is one of the world’s largest providers of electronic fire monitoring offering solutions to suit a range of buildings and businesses. ADT’s Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) is built to comply with Australian telecommunications regulations, which means it is compatible with the analogue port on the NBN Network Termination Device (NTD) and can work on the NBN.

ADT Fire Monitoring has successfully tested its ASE with the following NBN retail service providers: Telstra UNI-V and UNI-D, Internode and APN.

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