Fighting bacteria one bathroom at a time

by Tiffany Paczek
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To the naked eye it can be difficult to tell when a bathroom is genuinely hygienic or simply surface-clean. For this reason, cleaning supplier Spillz will make hygienic ATP testing technology affordable for all at the upcoming Total Facilities 2018 expo.

While methods to clean and sanitise bathroom facilities vary, the need to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices is becoming universal. And adenosine triphosphate (ATP – the universal unit of energy in all living cells) testing immediately determines if surfaces truly are clean.

That’s why Spillz is working with Hygiena products to make ATP testing more cost effective and affordable for facility managers. Facility managers will soon be able to hire the very latest ATP testing technology – a SystemSURE Plus luminometer with Ultrasnap ATP test swabs.

Developed primarily for medical facilities, Hygiena’s innovative ATP testing system is now proving extremely valuable for facility managers all around the world, particularly within the food preparation sector.

“Just because bathrooms look clean doesn’t mean they are clean,” says Scott Rozendaal, sales director at Spillz. “In fact, bathrooms are widely recognised as the main transmission point of germs or bio-hazardous zone in any commercial building. Facility managers will be able to use our affordable ATP testing rental service to test their bathrooms, tools, employees or cleaners,” he says.

“With ATP testing, managers can make decisions based on fact. Hygiene and cleanliness are generally measured on a subjective basis. ATP makes it scientific,” he adds.

Spillz’s new ATP testing rental service will be launched in the new Smart Start Ups Zone at this year’s Total Facilities 2018 in Melbourne, Australia’s largest facilities management exhibition. Rozendaal and his team will be giving several ATP testing demonstrations throughout the event.

For those intrigued by the concept of ‘how clean is clean’ and ATP testing, register here for Total Facilities and discover the impressive lineup of industry experts presenting at the expo.

Image courtesy of Llewellyn Commuications.

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