Finish launches free recycling program in a bid to slash plastic waste build-up

by Helena Morgan
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Finish is collaborating with dynamic recycling company TerraCycle to deliver a free and accessible recycling program for Finish-branded dish care packaging.

This is the newest initiative in TerraCycle’s journey of partnering with brands that specialise in hard-to-recycle products. In February, TerraCycle launched an inaugural blister pack recycling program with the Northern Territory’s leading pharmacy group, Territory Pharmacy. 

Finish is eager to partner with TerraCycle and equip Australians and New Zealanders with a free and easy way to recycle Finish dish care soft plastics and avoid plastic waste clogging landfills. 

Soft plastics given a sustainable afterlife 

In both Trans-Tasman countries, soft plastics are not able to be recycled via kerbside council recycling, meaning they are usually sent to landfill due to the complex composition of the material. 

Finish and TerraCycle will combat this frustrating reality, as the free recycling program allows consumers to gather empty Finish-branded dish care soft plastics in cardboard boxes at a variety of facilities, including homes, offices, schools and community centres. 

Once the boxes are full, participants can download a free postage label from the program webpage and send soft plastic dish care packaging to TerraCycle for recycling. Additionally, businesses, schools and community centres are also invited to operate as a public drop-off point.

Recycling made convenient, accessible and inclusive

Finish head of sustainability Laurie Ferland-Caouette says the company’s commitment to providing effective cleaning solutions and capitalising on any opportunity to reduce plastic waste, neatly aligns with TerraCycle’s business philosophy. 

“We are very excited to be able to offer a recycling program with TerraCycle for our soft plastic dish care packaging which anyone in Australia or New Zealand can access for free via their local post office,” says Ferland-Caouette.

TerraCycle general manager Jean Bailliard addresses the difficulties of recycling complex packaging via kerbside pick-ups. He says the cost of recycling is occasionally more than the value of recycled raw material. However, TerraCycle’s initiative with Finish overcomes this barrier to sustainable waste management. 

“We are very excited by the opportunity to work with Finish to make recycling accessible to Australians and New Zealanders in every postcode in the country,” says Bailliard.

“Thanks to this easy, free and convenient recycling program, everyone from everywhere in Australia and New Zealand will be able to send their empty Finish packaging back to TerraCycle to be recycled.” 

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Chemist Warehouse rolls out blister pack recycling bins.

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