Fire safety front of mind for a hotel risen from the ashes

by Sophie Berrill
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Penrith’s Log Cabin Hotel was an icon of the Nepean River for nearly 200 hundred years before it was destroyed in a devastating fire in 2012.

Various incarnations of the waterfront hotel hosted generations of locals and visitors. Now, ten years on from its destruction, Team 2 Architects have resurrected Penrith Log Cabin Hotel to play host to the region once again.

The new building stays true to the hotel’s original aesthetic and purpose, within a contemporary scheme. 

Team 2 Architects used the neighbouring Victorian Bridge, visible from the upstairs, as an architectural influence. Its heavy stone base, steel beams and trusses are referenced in the hotel’s material palette. 

The pre-existing, pitched and gable roofs have been replicated and made to visually interact with the Yandhai Nepean Crossing. 

Internally, the team has focussed on acoustic insulation alongside fire safety.

On the first floor is a restaurant and function space, with a separate dining area upstairs.

The spectacular cathedral ceilings upstairs have been built to look great, while providing the necessary sound insulation. Fire-resistant boards from CSR Gyprock are in the walls and ceilings. The products sport a glass-fibre-reinforced core to establish heavy-duty flame protection.

The completed Log Cabin Hotel symbolises the restoration of a beloved piece of the Penrith built environment. As the revived hotel begins its next chapter, its construction will serve as a reminder of the impressive legacy of the building, and the importance of protecting against fire.

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