First accredited course to have multichannel retail management as a key component

by FM Media
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Testament to the growing importance of multichannel retail management, the ARA Retail Institute has launched the Diploma of Retail Management (Multichannel).

As consumers go online in droves and become multichannel brand advocates and purchasers, Australian retailers are responding by ensuring that robust systems, policies and procedures enable a seamless, integrated multichannel experience for their customers, according to Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the Australian Retailers Association (ARA).
Zimmerman notes that, in order to do this, retailers have to go through a period of strategic review, followed by consultation with key stakeholders, then research (most likely), planning and decision-making before they get to the all-important step of implementation. “It’s beneficial for retailers to be early adopters of multichannel retailing in terms of attracting the best employees to take with them on the journey into the future of retailing,” he states.
He adds that, as retail evolves and changes, training and knowledge are key to retail success, and also give businesses an edge in a globalised and increasingly crowded retail sector. Zimmerman notes that, in 2012, the ARA Retail Institute launched the Diploma of Retail Management (Multichannel), which is the first accredited diploma course of its kind to incorporate multichannel as a key component of the subject matter and training. The course was filled to capacity in 2012 and will be replicated in main cities throughout 2013.
“As the consumer is increasingly and constantly connected, it is of vital importance for retailers to be one step ahead. The key is knowledge and carefully managed implementation,” he concludes.

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