Flexible fitouts for disability bathrooms

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Enware for disability

A new disability bathroom range provides fittings that are more user-friendly, including for the designers and architects that specify them.

Pressalit PLUS bathroom solutions from Enware Australia include a wall-fitted track system, horizontally and vertically adjustable shower chairs, adjustable support arms for toileting, electrically adjustable wash basin brackets, and shower and bath grab rails.

For those designing hotels/motels, holiday accommodation and commercial buildings, and seeking to not only comply with the AS1428.1 (2009) Accessibility Standard, but also to accommodate everyone, the flexibility of the new range will be especially welcome.

The wall-mounted track system, for example, means it is possible to remove individual products from the rooms if they are not being used by people with disabilities or the elderly with special needs. This is particularly relevant to hotels and accommodation providers, who may have several different guests using the same room in the one week.

“Businesses that have actively chosen to include all people with disabilities by providing them with access are putting themselves at a competitive advantage in the market,” says Sandor Franken, technical specification specialist for Enware care products. “Not only have they created a point of difference, but they’ve also catered to the entire potential market.”

More information: www.enware.com.au

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