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by Tiffany Paczek
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Well, they say that change is as good as a holiday – but, quite frankly, I’m sure we’d all much rather a trip to Italy or Finland or Fiji (or somewhere equally distant and exotic) than mere routine changes. Alas, we at FM magazine can’t offer an overseas adventure, but change – now that we can do.

It’s with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to the magazine’s inimitable editor Michelle Dunner, who has contributed so much to the magazine and taken it in new directions. I’m the online editor for FM and, as of this issue, will be stepping up to fill Michelle’s formidable shoes as editor of the print magazine. It’s a tough act to follow, but I hope to do her, and you the readers, a service by continuing to produce a topical and helpful industry publication.

In this, my first, issue, we take a look at the concept of the ‘positive’ workplace and what environment means for employees’ mental and physical well-being. Of course, we’re back with all our regular favourite columns dissecting the FM industry and offering words of advice. And be sure to check out FM’s newest venture, FM Workspace360, in its second segment as we delve into ceiling restoration.

I want FM to be a magazine of the people, by the people, for the people, as it were. That is to say, I value your knowledge, experience and input. Those of you who work in the FM industry live and breathe facility management every day – you’re the experts – and no one has more access to topics or a more immediate finger on the pulse than you. So please, contact me with topics that you want to see covered in the magazine, issues in the industry that concern or excite you, or FM leaders or figures that are pretty darn great and deserve to be profiled.

Let’s take this metaphorical journey together. Until then, enjoy the issue.

– Tiffany Paczek, editor

Also in this issue…

  • We continue FM Workspace360, and this month we look at progressions in ceiling restoration through the eyes of EnviroScope and Dulux
  • an in-depth examination of the relationship between workplace environment and employee well-being
  • ensuring employee resilience and well-being requires an ergonomic work environment, writes Humanscale’s Alan Hedge
  • Billi’s Adrian Cugnetto explains why a water filtration system will benefit vertical schools
  • ASSA ABLOY’s Johan Gantin reports how security issues can be addressed with the right equipment
  • the importance of leveraging leadership and distributing roles, and
  • the new ISO 41000 – is it a game-change or a white elephant?

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