FM jobs – where the vacancies are this quarter

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Facilities Coordinators, Maintenance Supervisors and Asset Managers have been identified as three of the skills in demand in 2014’s FM jobs market by recruiters Hays Facilities Management.

The latest Hays Quarterly Hotspots list for January to March shows there are still pockets of skills shortages:

  • Facilities Coordinators – There is a constant lack of suitably qualified and experienced candidates in both the private and public sectors.
  • Project Managers – Increased demand for contracts is expected until the end of the financial year. As a result, Projects Managers are needed.
  • Operations Managers – Tertiary education institutions require experienced Operations Managers who can meet the needs of this niche market.
  • Maintenance Supervisors – There has been a recent increase in demand for these supervisors.
  • Operations Managers – There is increased demand for Retail Operations Managers as retail centres are redeveloped, ownership changes hands and candidates move.
  • Facilities Managers (mechanical or electrical) – Technically qualified candidates are needed due to an increase in demand for managing ageing plant and equipment.
  • Security/Cleaning Managers – There is a frequent need for soft services candidates, but again there is a lack of available and experienced candidates.
  • Asset Managers – With limited budgets and restrictions on spending, employers are looking for candidates who can maximise existing portfolios rather than investing in new assets.
  • Space and Relocation Project Planners and Managers – Large corporations and institutions are relocating, which is creating demand for these managers.
  • Mechanical Estimators – The focus on optimising existing infrastructure has fuelled high demand for these candidates, who are critical to the review of existing assets.

“We expect new temporary roles to be created this quarter,” Hays says, “with most positions project based and assigned to capital expenditure. Such assignments will also be used to cover workload peaks as well as trial candidates before offering them a permanent role.”


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