Looking back at FM’s top 10 articles of 2019

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As the year nears its end, we look back at FM‘s 10 most popular articles of 2019 and discover an industry preparing for the future.

From innovative technology to the mindset of an evolving workforce, it’s evident that readers are paying keen attention to the topics that are set to define tomorrow. As they should be. The coming decade will be one defined by great change. Climate change, automation and the shifting dynamic between facility manager and tenant are just some of the considerations we must be taking into account now if we want to stay viable and successful in the future.

With that said, let’s take a look at FM‘s top 10 articles of 2019:

1. FM skills in demand: Jan – June 2019

FM top 10: FM skills in demand: Jan – June 2019.
No longer are facility managers relegated to the dark corners of their building. Today, they operate both on a technical and interpersonal level – a fact highlighted in Hays Recruiting’s biannual job report for the first half of 2019. The modern facility manager requires strong communication skills in order to engage stakeholders and the technical currency to address an asset’s complex needs, especially with sustainability and environmental targets becoming more commonplace. Read more >>

2. Eight reasons why property and construction managers should invest in PropTech and IoT in 2019

FM top 10: Eight reasons why property and construction managers should invest in PropTech and IoT in 2019.
It’s not uncommon for facility managers to be told to embrace various trends, but in the cases of PropTech and IoT jumping on the bandwagon is critical. FMs must adapt to such technologies if they want to stay competitive in their sector. Meshed IoT director CATHERINE CARUANA-McMANUS gives eight examples of how it is set to redefine the relationship between buildings, users and asset managers. Read more >>

3. Opal Tower investigation finds design and construction issues

FM top 10: Opal Tower investigation finds design and construction issues
The major faults at residential buildings like Opal Tower and Mascot Tower highlight significant issues plaguing Australia’s built environment. Whole elements differed from design and industry standards, incorrect materials were used and construction quality was of a poor standard. Facility managers, especially those operating within tall buildings, are paying attention to such stories for obvious reasons. Read more >>

4. A building owners’ guide to managing flammable cladding

FM top 10: A building owners' guide to flammable cladding
Another story highlighting poor building practices, but this time on an international scale. In it, Arcadis Australia’s TODD BYRNES, KEVIN HUNT and LANA ANGEL break down the responsibilities of building owners to ensure their properties are safe from suffering the same fate of Grenfell Tower. Read more >>

5. Flushed away

FM top 10: Flushed away
In the age of smart technology, even the modest toilet is in line for an update. It may sound far fetched, but it’s predicted that a global heath record database – populated with information collected from an IoT network working in tandem with a water closet – is set to be established within a few years. AECOM’s PAUL ANGUS explains how that’s possible in this fascinating article. Read more >>

6. Making buildings smart and creating the agile workplace

Office building representing Schneider smart buildings
Previously in this list, we discovered what role smart buildings will play in the near-future. In this piece from Schneider Electric’s PAUL CROTHERS, we discover how this role will be fulfilled. The opportunities are fascinating and their potential limited by the creativity and insight of the user. Read more >>

7. Making electricity safer

FM top 10: Making electricity safer
On January 1, changes were made to AS 3000, also known as ‘The Wiring Rules’, in a further attempt to eradicate deaths by electrocution. Read more >>

8. Australian-first delivery system a must-have amenity for today’s buildings

FM top 10: Australian-first delivery system a must-have for today's buildings
Convenience is a key factor in modern buildings. Groundfloor is a response to that; the on-premises parcel locker for mail deliveries promises a solution for what has become a thorn in the side of Australian online shoppers and building managers alike. Read more >>

9. Optimising office space to drive efficiency

Sodexo APAC House after the installation of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure system.
In this case study, Schneider Electric reveals how EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor optimises energy efficiency and employee comfort levels at the innovative and expansive Sodexo APAC House. Read more >>

10. Why a low-trust workplace is a problem and how to fix one

In this article, long-time contributor MARIE-CLAIRE ROSS draws on her years of experience in workplace sociology to show how easy it is to both break and rebuild trust in your team. The changing workforce is one of the most important considerations for today’s facility managers; high quality talent expects more from their employers than ever, and to dismiss this as selfishness is to put yourself at a disadvantage. Read more >>


Lead image: William Daigneault via Unsplash.com

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