FM’s top 10 most read articles of 2020

by Helena Morgan
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From bushfire smoke to COVID-19, FM‘s most popular articles of 2020 tell the story of a chaotic year, in which readers sought information to help keep up with the changing tides.

1. Five facility management trends set to define 2020

Top five facility management trends for 2020.

14 January: Things got off to an optimistic start, as our look at smart tech, tenant relations, sustainability and outsourcing set the scene, without any inclination as to what was around the corner. Read now »


2. COVID-19 implications for remote work and cyber security

6 March: On the eve of widespread lockdowns, employers were already toying with work-from-home options – and needed to quickly learn to protect themselves and employees from cyberattack in unfamiliar circumstances. Read now »


3. Building management built on data: a new era of tenancy

GPO Exchange

13 May: Lorraine Lee explored the new era of data-driven tenancy and the benefits it should provide to building managers and users alike. Read now »


4. How healthy is your building? Honeywell launches Healthy Building Score system for workplace reopenings

25 May: As certain states lifted lockdowns, 66 percent of workers still did not feel comfortable returning to their workplace. Honeywell introduced a way to measure the ‘return readiness’ of a building. Read now »


5. Air purification and the COVID-19 fight

1 April: Johnson Controls partnered with AtmosAir to launch an air purification system. Read now »


6. How building managers should address bushfire smoke concerns

Bushfire smoke covering a city.

9 January: Emerging in 2019 and continuing into early 2020, FMs had another serious issue to contend with pre-COVID-19. This article compiled important safety tips that will remain relevant for summers to come. Read now »


7. Brightgreen reaches ‘final stages’ of engineering UV-C light to combat COVID-19 transmission

25 March: Manufacturers the world over leapt into action to develop tools to fight virus spread. Brightgreen engineered germicidal UV-C lights to be employed in buildings overnight or when unoccupied. Read now »


8. How WELL is your workplace?

Charter Hall's Brisbane office, which is aiming for gold WELL certification in 2020.

10 January: Charter Hall’s Natalie Devlin explored the organisation’s journey to WELL Certification, and what lessons the process provided for landlords. Read now »


9. The disconnect between data and insights is holding back manufacturing’s transformation

1 September: A report showed manufacturing to be a laggard in data management processes. Jeff Nygarard explored the implications and options for FMs. Read now »


10. Essential services workplace? Nine cleaning steps to address the health and litigation risks

15 April: Antiviral cleaning specialist Lisa Macqueen released nine recommendations for businesses working with COVID-19 risk. Read now »


Photo by Teslariu Mihai on Unsplash

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