FM’s top 10 most-read articles of 2021

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We forgive you if you don’t want to look back on it, but for us it’s a chance to celebrate the contributors and newsmakers who helped make FM great in a tricky year. Here are, in no particular order, our most-read articles of 2021.

What to do when a fire detection system has reached its end-of-life cycle

Man conducting fire detection system check14 September. Replacing fire detection systems is not always a priority, but ageing systems can have reduced effectiveness – with potentially dire consequences. Rod Rolfe on fire systems and what to do as they reach the end of their cycles. Read now.

Airborne COVID-19 and the future of indoor Australia

bust of nose25 October. As our nation hits vaccine targets and reopens, concerns remain about the airborne spread of COVID-19 and the health of our indoor air. Read now.

Fresh air, fresh start: improving air quality without ripping out old equipment

office interior with plant on desk14 September. Addressing air quality in your building can be daunting, but you don’t have to start from scratch. Stefanie Oakes prescribes a layered approach of upgrades, modifications and management technology improvements. Read now.

Cyber drills should become as commonplace as fire drills

foosball players red team and blue team8 November. FM leaders must invest in the technology, training, people and processes to ensure a strong culture of cyber security. Ajay Unni recommends cyber drills should be included. Read now.

Asset management capability, the key to long-term infrastructure performance: a Canadian success story

Montreal bridge photographed from shore. Asset managed in MAMP program

Transportation. This panoramic wide shot, shows Montreal’s new Champlain Bridge under construction as of late September 2018. The construction will soon meet in the middle and notice the massive guy wires rising upward to the towers, which will support the bridge’s roadway.

14 October. Federal investment is required to equip Australian asset managers with the skills to guarantee the health and sustainability of assets into the future, writes David Jenkins. Read now.

CBRE acquires ICE Technical Maintenance Services

CBRE ICE21 January. CBRE Group, Inc has announced its acquisition of ICE, a provider of commercial property facilities and technical maintenance services based in Sydney. Read now.


Schneider’s 400 George Street digital infrastructure upgrade in Brisbane

400 George Street meeting area interior31 August. Schneider Electric’s role as project partner in the technology upgrade and refurbishment aims to maximise building efficiency and optimise tenant wellness and productivity. Read now.


VBA backs RMIT research on solar panel fire threat to building façades

Fire truck in motion14 September. Researchers at RMIT are studying the fire safety risks associated with the installation of solar panels on the façades of multistorey buildings. Read now.


Programmed lands three-year City of Melbourne contract

melbourne skyline taken from southbank overlooking CBD9 November. Programmed has partnered with the City of Melbourne to safeguard almost 200 City of Melbourne government buildings, including Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne City Baths and a number of libraries, pools and childcare centres. Read now.


Sodexo transfers contracts to Compass Group in energy and resources shift

hands signing signature on paper16 November. Sodexo Group Australia and Compass Group Australia have signed an agreement to transfer Sodexo’s aged care, education and some corporate contracts to Compass. Read now. 

Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Photo by The Ian on Unsplash

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