Fort Knox Self-Storage goes digital with sign-up process

by FM Media
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Australian self-storage facility Fort Knox is testing a new software that will streamline rental processes for customers. The software iSign was developed by Fort Knox at its research and development hub. The company reviewed every aspect of customer sign-up procedure and adapted it to the digital process.

iSign runs on Windows-based Android tablets and touchscreen monitors set up in the reception area.

iSign is in beta testing at Fort Knox’s Moorabbin facility in Victoria and the company hopes to roll out the software to its seven locations in the Melbourne area by mid-2015.

Fort Knox says that iSign has reduced its overall sign-up time by more than 60 per cent. This works out to a huge 15 to 20 minutes worth of time saved for each client.

Also of significance is Fort Knox’s decision to develop its own software inhouse instead of relying on third-party software providers.

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