Four steps to height safety

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Sayfa Systems shares how to take the pain out of occupational health and safety compliance, while mitigating height safety risks.

Falls from heights and roofs are the prime cause of death or injury in Australian workplaces and construction sites. All employers have a legal duty to ensure that any worker required to work at height can do so safely and without risk to their life or health. Every fall is preventable through commitment to following specific controls and the use of innovative and compliant height access and fall prevention systems.
Sayfa supports and promotes a set of guidelines and procedures for designing and determining safety requirements based on specific applications for all access and fall protection systems. This includes the application of the Hierarchy of Controls’ five levels that set out the order of control measures.

In supporting the Hierarchy of Controls, we have developed a methodology that delivers proven success and safety. We call the four-step methodology The Sayfa Way (see below).

Steps to height safety

The four steps are:

  • Step 1: Identify – what is the risk and what control measures need to be put into place to eliminate and/or reduce the risk?
  • Step 2: Implement – install/provide the best suited control measures to adequately manage the risk.
  • Step 3: Manage – it’s your responsibility as the person in control of the educational facility to ensure all risk control measures implemented are being used and are used correctly.
  • Step 4: Maintain – control measures put in place such as access and fall prevention systems may require basic upkeep/maintenance to ensure safe working conditions.

Fundamental to the success of this methodology is ongoing communication and consultation between all parties.

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