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Facility Management interviews Evan Traikos, contract manager at Resolve FM. How and why did you get into facilities management? Where have you worked in the past and what are your responsibilities at present? My facilities management career started off four years ago at Denso Automotive as a facilities and project coordinator. Previous to that I had various roles in the automotive industry as a maintenance electrician, launch engineer and production supervisor. I currently work for Resolve FM as a contract manager. I am responsible and fully accountable for the safety, financial, environmental and operational client satisfaction outcomes of the contract. How do you ensure that these responsibilities are met? I ensure these responsibilities are met by maintaining a collaborative and productive relationship with my client. As a service provider, it’s important to understand the client’s expectations and to ensure I deliver them on time and cost-effectively. Do you advocate using in-house service providers or outsourced service providers? Why? Having worked for both, I see the advantages of using outsourced service providers. I believe a business should focus on its core activities. By using outsourced service providers, a business can achieve cost savings, efficiency, operational control and reduced overheads. What are the challenges that the Australian facilities management industry is currently facing, in your opinion? A challenge that the Australian facilities management industry is facing is a lack of education and training for professionals who want to move into this fast-evolving industry. How can we engage the next generation of facilities managers? How do you feel these challenges can be overcome? For this challenge to be overcome, I believe the industry needs to join forces with a few tertiary institutions to develop courses that include the following subjects: business management, operational management and project management. What opportunities are arising for facilities managers in Australia? Why should facilities managers take advantage of these opportunities and how can they take advantage of them? Improving sustainability outcomes of a building is definitely an opportunity for facilities managers. It is not only a great opportunity to develop extra skills and knowledge that will assist in becoming a well-rounded facilities manager, but it is also an opportunity to introduce sustainability improvements to buildings that will benefit the owner and occupiers. Owners and occupiers can take advantage of this opportunity by having their on-site facilities manager act as a consultant in implementing sustainability initiatives, which is an important facet of facilities management. What is the best decision you ever made in terms of your facilities management career? Why? I would say the best decision I made was most definitely furthering my education by undertaking a Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management), which I will be completing this year. It has provided me with a greater understanding of facilities management and an opportunity to share information with other experienced professionals in the industry. What piece of technology or equipment do you find indispensable in performing your role? How can you go past a smartphone? Having access to a camera and email anywhere at all times is essential. What advice or thought would you like to share with the Australian facilities management community? My advice is to keep up-to-date with new technologies through seminars, conferences and exhibitions. They also provide a great opportunity to build a network of experienced professionals with whom you can share information.

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