Future Made in Australia Act posits hopeful clean energy future

by Helena Morgan
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Australia’s primary body for scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, Science and Technology Australia (STA), says it is comforted by the Albanese government’s plans to create a Future Made in Australia Act. 

In confirming the proposed Future Made in Australia Act will ignite investment in clean energy technology and subsequent economic growth for Australia, the Prime Minister believes Australia has the opportunity to set a precedent in the global race for clean energy technology development.

STA’s president professor Sharath Sriram is reassured by the Prime Minister’s acknowledgment of the urgency to make big strides in the clean energy race.

“This announcement from the Government recognises the strategic imperative to secure economic benefit from the opportunities arising from the energy transformation,” says Sriram. 

Failing to invest in research and development is corrosive to clean future 

In a style akin to a rallying cry, Sriram highlights the need for nationwide efforts to transform expertise and knowledge into products. “It is critical Australia builds sovereign capability and secures future prosperity,” he says. 

He outlines that failing to invest in research and development, alongside poorly advertising the benefits and significance of STEM careers, will render a net-zero future unachievable.

“We will have to make STEM careers more attractive to secure the future workforce and leverage their talents,” says Sriram. 

Sriram underscores that clean energy research and development is a problem area for Australia, as investment in the sector has dwindled over the last decade and Australia now lags behind international competitors. 

Science and Technology Australia envisages a future wherein 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) is allocated to research and development – bolstered by the federal government creating a policy framework to put the research into practice. 

Sungrow and Supply Partners Group agreement seeks to enrich Australian renewable energy market.

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