GBCA-GBIG partnership to showcase Australian green buildings globally

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The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the US-based Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG) have partnered with an aim to showcase Australia’s certified green buildings and future possibilities to global investors and decision-makers.

GBIG, an online platform featuring data and case studies on green building projects, portfolios, people and places around the world, currently includes 1.3 million activities representing more than 200 types of certifications, awards, case studies and disclosures in over 5000 geographic locations.

“In the era of ‘big data’, building owners and managers have more information at their fingertips than ever before,” said Romilly Madew, GBCA’s chief executive officer. “GBIG brings all that information together in one database, and now includes Green Star-certified projects. This will make it easier for international investors to gain data, analysis and insights about high-performing green buildings in Australia.

“Building on our strong relationship with GRESB (the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) in confirming the role of Green Star rating tools in international best practice, this partnership with GBIG goes beyond the exchange of project data, and will enable GBCA members to showcase their contributions to Green Star-rated buildings and to outline their green building credentials to a global audience,” Ms Madew added.

While the database is freely available to everyone, GBCA members will have special access to additional features, such as regular updates on new certifications, awards, case studies, disclosures, and other green building activities.

“Access to GBIG will give GBCA members new tools to raise the profile of their work and stay up- to-date on green building trends,” said GBIG Director Chris Pyke.

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