GE Lighting introduces new generation streetlight

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Building on the cutting edge technology of its R250 outdoor luminaire, GE has launched the Eco R250.

Developed to provide consistently high quality LED light while enjoying a long lifespan, the Eco R250 was designed for major highways, roads and pavements, as well as parking and retail areas.

The Eco R250 is a valuable addition to GE’s new generation of modular LED streetlight solutions. Similar to the R250, this new light enjoys a premium module design, allowing it to become a strong foundation for a complete outdoor LED solution. Utilising high-powered LED COB particles, it generates a uniform light while using energy efficiently. Key features include its long lifespan and a self-cleaning thermal design, which serves to significantly reduce maintenance requirements.

These advantages clinched GE Lighting a coveted contract – to retrofit existing 400-watt metal halide lamps on Xianyang Weicheng Bridge in China with its new generation outdoor luminaire Eco R250. The bridge is a major thoroughfare and the biggest single-pylon cable-stayed bridge in the north-west of the country. With the new implementation, users of the bridge benefit from an estimated 40 to 50 percent improvement in overall luminance. The city also stands to reap significant savings in terms of energy usage and ongoing maintenance.

GE Lighting’s latest outdoor LED system provides users with a complete lumen package from 3600lm to 28,800lm. It is easily scalable from 40 watts to 320 watts using a one- to four-module construction. In addition, there is a special paint option to support installation at beach areas.

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