Global GreenTag accredited by ACCC

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The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission has accredited Global GreenTag as a National Certification Mark.

Product certification scheme, Global GreenTag has been accredited by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) as a National Certification Mark. According to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, any Certification Mark registered entity is considered “competent to certify” the products concerned by the certifying agency, in other words the ACCC and IP Australia, both Federal Government agencies.
Global GreenTag’s global, on-site audit and robust, whole-of-life cycle assessment-based certification program eliminates any form of risk or doubt that the products’ sustainability claims might be ‘greenwash’, increasing purchaser and specifier trust in manufacturers’ brands. The Global GreenTag logo now further signifies the confidence, faith and trust consumers and professionals can have in any product carrying the Global GreenTag Mark. Product sectors engaged by Global GreenTag include building products, textiles and fabrics, papers and packaging, paints, furniture and bedding and soon, personal and cleaning products, sanitary and baby goods.
According to Global GreenTag, the benefits to consumers and professionals alike will flow from the understanding that Global GreenTag’s Standard and certification processes have been approved by the ACCC and that buyers and specifiers trust in products that are Global GreenTag certified is elevated by this government-backed recognition.
Consumers and professionals can now not only choose a sustainable product, but they can choose the most sustainable product, cost and time effectively and trust in Global GreenTag certified products delivering the most benefits to their family, projects and planet. Furthermore, several additional layers of information can be delved into using the ‘Nutrition-label’ like product scorecards and Environmental Product Declaration reports.

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