Global workforce management white paper shares strategies for Australian manufacturers

by FM Media
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Insight into global workforce trends and best practices, and recommendations on workforce strategies that can be employed to improve competitiveness are provided in a white paper by KRONOS.

A white paper entitled Global Workforce Management: Trends and Strategies for Australian Manufacturers has been published by KRONOS.
The white paper presents findings from joint research conducted by KRONOS and IDC Manufacturing Insights looking at the trend for Australian manufactures expanding internationally and being exposed to complex international labour laws of the markets they invest in. Statics from the research explain why focusing on productivity gains from correctly managing staff is key to success for these manufactures.
It is designed to provide insight into global trade, investment, and workforce trends and best practices as well as to provide recommendations on workforce strategies that Australian manufacturers can employ to improve their global competitiveness.
The white paper can be downloaded here.

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