Gold Coast company expands into India

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One of the largest hotel chains in India, ITC Hotels has joined Gold Coast based Nuflow’s network of licensed installers.

ITC Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains in India with over 90 hotels, has joined Gold Coast based Nuflow’s network of licensed installers.
It is a natural alignment, according to Nuflow’s director, Ed Ahern – Nuflow provides a solution for sewerage, stormwater, potable water, fire system and pressure pipe repairs, while ITC provide luxury accommodation and leaking water pipes can result in significant destruction, disruption and inconvenience to many guests.
“In becoming a licensed installer and using Nuflow’s Redline technology, ITC Hotels will be able to install the product to prevent water pipes corroding and leaking,” Ahern states.
Nuflow’s pipe rehabilitation technology, Redline, is used to line and protect pressure pipes from corroding and developing pin hole leaks. Once the problem has been identified, pipes are blasted with a garnet to prepare them for the rehabilitation process. From existing access points, shots of Redline are moved through the entire pipe system using high pressure air. The end result is a Redline barrier preventing leaks and pipe corrosion.
Unlike conventional replace options that can often cause a whole building site to be shut down while work is performed, this process can be managed to ensure minimum disruption. Redline has been used successfully in a variety of applications including hospitals, high rise apartments, factories, fire suppression systems and domestic homes.
Hebbagilu Vinayaka, general manager of technical and EHS at ITC Hotels, notes that corroded water supply pipes have long been a problem. “The key issue is the galvanised water supply pipes are corroded, this is causing discolouration to the water, resulting in much distaste to our guests and damage to sanitary fixtures. Using Redline will allow us to rehabilitate the problem pipes with minimal disruption to our guests, which is vital in our industry,” he adds.
ITC Hotels will begin with a pilot programme at its Mughal property in Agra. This is a luxury hotel that comprises of 233 opulent rooms and suites, located in close proximity to the Taj Mahal.
“As a Gold Coast based business, this is an incredibly exciting time for Nuflow. Research forecasts that India will become the world’s third largest economy by 2025. It is already the second-largest growing economy behind China,” Ahern comments.
“Indians have a great perception of Australia and Australians considering our common language and the fact that both countries are part of the Commonwealth. We are looking forward to tapping into this market.”
Nuflow’s Australian headquarters in Ashmore on Queensland’s Gold Coast will manufacture and supply all custom-made materials to ITC Hotels.

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