Government rebate incentivises opting for efficient energy

by Helena Morgan
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In the ongoing pursuit of tackling climate change, decreasing energy use and slashing power bills, specialist in energy conservation solutions, Efficient Energy Group is encouraging eligible New South Wales (NSW) and Victorian residential and commercial property owners to embrace rebates.

Both east coast state governments offer hot water rebates to eligible households and businesses – the Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate in NSW falls under the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) and Victoria’s Hot Water Rebate is enshrined in the Solar Homes Program (SHP). 

These rebates push businesses and homeowners to swap out outdated hot water systems for premium energy efficiency systems, such as a heat pump, and receive a hefty reimbursement on replacement costs. 

Efficient Energy Group delivers peace of mind for customers 

Efficient Energy Group CEO and managing director Joshua Liptak says the ESS and SHP are grounded in far-reaching collaboration efforts and an inextinguishable drive to help local communities switch to cleaner and greener energy solutions. 

“ESS and SHP have both been made possible through partnerships between state governments, local utilities, manufacturers and certified installers aimed at supporting local communities to transition to more energy-efficient solutions and appliances,” says Liptak. 

He assures that these partnerships will guarantee that customers receive high-quality energy efficient products that adhere to rigid but ultimately rewarding performance standards. 

“This compliance with performance benchmarks means peace of mind for customers,” confirms Liptak. 

Clean and green is not a money draining machine 

Efficient Energy Group is aware of possible apprehension from homeowners and businesses towards opting for cleaner energy, due to the misconception that energy efficient solutions are capable of haemorrhaging money. 

“We want to save our clients money on energy costs across the board – determining the best products for individual needs and arranging the installation work – yet also educate consumers about the government rebates available for energy-saving upgrades, such as the Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate and Hot Water Rebate,” explains Liptak. 

Old water systems are notorious power drainers and can contribute to up to one-fifth of a household’s or facility’s energy consumption. 

“By swapping these old water systems for heat pumps, households and other facilities can save up to several hundred dollars each year just on water heating costs,” says Liptak.

Efficient-energy upgrade opportunities plentiful 

Eligible residential and commercial property owners in New South Wales can apply for hot water system rebates through the NSW Government’s Climate And Energy Action website, a local utility provider or an approved contractor such as Efficient Energy Group. 

Alternatively, interested Victorian parties can apply via the state government’s hot water rebate portal. 

Liptak underscores the invaluable energy and cost-saving opportunities these rebates provide for not only  businesses, facilities and households, but also wider Australia.

“These schemes are designed to help reduce Australia’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions,” finishes Liptak. 

Photography supplied by Efficient Energy Group. 

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