Government services office achieves six green stars

by FM Media
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Without relying on elaborate on-site generation or other technologies common to six-star buildings, the new Government Services Office in Dandenong has achieved a six-star Green Star Office Design rating.

The new Government Services Office (GSO), which is part of VicUrban’s revitalisation of Dandenong, has achieved a six-star rating under the Green Star Office Design v3 without reliance on elaborate on-site generation or other technologies common to other six-star buildings.
A big focus of the building design was to provide a very high quality indoor environment for staff, while maintaining extremely low energy consumption. Pocket atriums have been designed in strategic locations around the perimeter of the building to introduce natural daylight deeper into the floor plate, and to connect staff vertically through open interconnecting stairs. At the top of the building, a communal garden terrace ‘logia’ space has been lined in bushfire-effected timber, which was salvaged from the 2009 Victorian bushfires.
The under floor air distribution system provides high levels of fresh air to the occupied space, allowing excellent indoor air quality. While the building includes its own highly efficient plant, the project team chose to design the building with an infrastructure that will enable future connection to alternative energy sources in the precinct. Another benefit of this is that it will allow the project to take advantage of low carbon energy sources in the future.
A distinctive feature of the building is the fritted glazing, a ceramic pattern applied to the glass that helps limit heat and glare. Water efficient features, along with a 40,000-litre rainwater collection tank, will ensure that potable water consumption is significantly reduced. Rainwater is reused for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation.
“The project demonstrates how a world-leading outcome can be achieved for a building that has environmentally sustainable design principles embedded in it from the outset,” says Damon Moloney, senior sustainability consultant at Umow Lai. The firm provided engineering and sustainability design services, including electrical, mechanical and hydraulic design services, as well as energy and water efficiency strategies to exceed the five-star minimum standard set by the Victorian Government.

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