Green Star – Performance rating tool launched

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After more than two years of industry engagement, the Green Building Council of Australia has launched the Green Star – Performance rating tool.

The Green Star – Performance rating tool, which is aimed at improving the efficiency and environmental sustainability of Australia’s existing buildings, has been launched by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)
The rating tool is the result of the collaborative efforts of Australia’s property and facility management industries, which have worked together to create a consistent, holistic method of measuring existing buildings. Green Star – Performance will enable building owners and managers to identify pathways to improve the environmental and financial sustainability of their assets over time.
The launch of the rating tool was held at Sydney Opera House, which is 40 years old this month and is aiming to achieve one of Australia’s first Green Star – Performance ratings.
“Green Star – Performance will help us tackle the far greater challenge of improving the efficiency of our existing building stock. Green Star – Performance will enable us to transform these ‘brown’ buildings into the green buildings we need, and reduce their operating costs,” Romilly Madew, the GBCA’s chief executive, states.
The GBCA’s development approach to Green Star – Performance has involved a large amount of collaboration with industry.
Bob Johnston, managing director of the rating tool’s principal sponsor, Australand states that from Australands’s perspective, it is of particular importance that the tool covers the operational performance of all building types including industrial facilities.
“This is significant, given the growing importance of the asset class to institutional investors. It is also important that the tool has been designed to be applied across entire portfolios and that it recognises incremental improvement by allowing ratings from one to six stars,” he comments.
Green Star – Performance ratings are delivered in an online format, and assessment is quick and easy, as well as cost-effective, according to the GBCA.
“Whether the building is a school, shopping centre, hotel or hospital, Green Star – Performance will help owners and managers to identify and upgrade building performance in areas such as energy, water, waste reduction and indoor environment quality.
“From today, existing building owners can put themselves on an equal footing with the owners of new buildings by achieving a Green Star rating and the benefits that it brings, including faster attraction of tenants and buyers, increased employee productivity and engagement, and improved asset value,” Daniel Grollo, the GBCA’s chair, concludes.

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