Grosvenor launches innovative solution for air quality control

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Grosvenor air quality control system

In an Australian first, Grosvenor Engineering Group is releasing an Internet of Things (IoT) system to help facility managers improve air quality control in their buildings.

The Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Service (IAQMS) tracks nine air quality parametres – temperature, humidity, lighting levels, sound, CO₂ , VOC, particulates, air flow and occupancy – to actively track and improve air conditions in the built environment.

“The quality of air in the build environment significantly impacts people’s health and productivity,” says Rod Kington, national sustainability manager for Grosvenor Engineering Group.

“It is therefore becoming an important benchmark for facility and property owners to ensure the wellbeing of occupants in their facilities.

IAQMS uses up to 240 wireless ceiling or wall-mounted sensors to analyse conditions. If conditions stray outside of ideal parametres, facility managers are alerted via an IoT dashboard. Specialists can then tailor and implement a solution.

Air quality control has become a critical consideration for facility managers in recent times. According to the Department of Environment and Energy, Australians spend about 90 percent of their lives indoors, whether at home, work or shopping. As a result, the CSIRO predicts poor indoor air conditions may cost the economy as much as $12 billion a year.

“The aim of IAQMS is to ensure the occupants of buildings live in a healthy built environment. IAQMS is unique in its ability to provide an end-to-end solution that delivers definable outcomes for occupants,” says Kington.

“A comprehensive air quality solution is imperative to proactively address poor indoor air quality and thus supports assets value.”

Grosvenor lists a range of benefits provided by the installation of an IAQMS system. They include:

  • measurable improvements in indoor air quality
  • energy savings
  • CO₂ reductions
  • improvements in HVAC operations
  • increased occupant productivity


IAQMS is set to be rolled out across Grosvenor’s 17,000 Australian facilities over an unspecified period.

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