Groundbreaking standard for smart grids

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A groundbreaking, world-first standard for smart grids has been published by Standards Australia.

Standards Australia has published a world-first standard for smart grids. The ground-breaking standard – AS 5711 Smart Grids Vocabulary – establishes common terminology for use in the electricity supply, electrical equipment, communications, appliance, consumer, government and other sectors involved in smart grids in Australia.
The standard was developed by Standards Australia Committee EL-062, Smart grids, comprising:

  • Australian Communications and Media Authority
  • Australian Energy Market Operator
  • Australian Industry Group
  • Chargepoint
  • Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association
  • Consumers Federation of Australia
  • Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
  • E-Oz Energy Skills Australia
  • Energy Networks Association
  • Energy Retailers Association of Australia
  • Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
  • International Copper Association Australia
  • Smart Grid Australia

“Smart Grids have the capacity to make energy networks operate more efficiently by integrating users more effectively. This allows for greater reliability of power, reduced costs to produce, deliver and consume electricity,” Colin Blair, chief executive officer of Standards Australia, states.
“This important foundational standard will provide the bedrock for future standards development in this emerging field,” he adds.
The standard is the first of five standards identified in the 2012 Standards Australia’s Smart Grids Standards Roadmap, commissioned by The Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.
The remaining four important standards include data security protocols, communication protocols, electromagnetic capability and interconnection protocols.

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