Hansen Yuncken renews lighthouse relationship with Autodesk, enabling efficiency and innovation in new TAFE project

by Liv Croagh
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Marking another milestone in its commitment to innovation, Hansen Yuncken has signed on to be an Autodesk lighthouse customer for another three years. As one of the first Asia-Pacific adopters of Autodesk BIM 360 technology across the business, Hansen Yuncken has played a critical role in providing insights back to Autodesk to drive continuous improvement.

What does the technology do?

The real-time technology centralises the design, modelling and documentation of data projects. In other words, it has led to a multitude of advantages for collaboration, efficiency and, most importantly, decision making. This is what Hansen Yuncken believes could be applied to the wider industry.

It’s a cloud-based server that Building Information Modelling (BIM) Manager Daniel Smith says has saved hundreds of hours.

“Meadowbank TAFE is a complicated project due to limited site accessibility and an intricate design. On top of that, we were completing a lot of the construction during the height of COVID disruptions over the last couple of years,” says Smith.

“One of our site managers estimated that, using Autodesk, an extra 50 hours invested in the planning stages saved us 200-300 hours of construction work, plus the flow-on costs.”

The current market has reinforced the need to achieve every possible efficiency.”

Autodesk cloud-based software has enabled Hansen Yuncken to go from 3D modelling of the design, to 5D modelling which considers time and cost information. Looking ahead, Hansen Yuncken and Autodesk are working toward 6D modelling to also factor in management.

Hansen Yuncken’s Chief Financial & Information Officer, Rexine Jones, explained what it means to truly collaborate with suppliers.

“Hansen Yuncken chose to work with Autodesk because we both strive to be best-in-class. We work together to better one another’s business; the relationship goes beyond being transactional,” Jones said.

“For over a century, Hansen Yuncken has respected and fostered innovation, driven by a desire to remain at the forefront of the construction industry. Back in the 20s, this meant pioneering new scaffolding systems. Today, it’s about using technology as an enabler to be more efficient, collaborative and informed.”

Lou Grespan, Vice President, Named Accounts Sales, APAC at Autodesk, said the longstanding relationship is a testament to a shared culture of forward-thinking and trust between the two companies.

“Collaborating with Hansen Yuncken as a lighthouse customer means we can undertake R&D in real-time. They provide real insights from the ground, which we use to customise our product and provide a solution that is truly fit-for-purpose,” Grespan said. “Ultimately, we are both working towards the same goal: making construction more efficient to benefit the end user.”

In the dual role of Chief Financial & Information Officer, Jones brings a unique perspective on how the enabling functions of a business must be robust in order for true innovation to occur.

“Like finance, technology is one of the bookends of an innovative company. When you can use tech as a tool for continuity and connection across a company, the operations functions can flourish ‘in the middle’, finding new and better ways to complete projects.

“The construction industry has come a long way from managing information in excel spreadsheets. But the sector still needs to embrace digital technology as part of its culture in order to maximise value across the entire chain.”

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