A new Hassl-free project management platform

by Tiffany Paczek
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A new project management platform Hassl, the new tech venture from Melbourne-based agency Your Creative, launched recently at TEDx Melbourne.

With the belief there was a better design solution to project management, the platform has been developed over the last two years in collaboration with its clients. Taking a people-centric approach, the platform increases productivity by creating a hassle-free environment, allowing businesses to do more with less.

Co-founder Mitch Furlong says, “We wanted to be able to collaborate simply, in real-time, within our team and with clients. Ultimately, project management should really be about making people’s lives easier. The aim has always been to build a tool that you don’t need training to use, entirely from the perspective of the user, intuitive enough to just work.”

In the simplest form Hassl removes the need for overly polite email chains with live group messaging built in. It has personalised to-do lists linked to larger projects, a feature not found on any project management tools in the current market. It says goodbye to confusing folder systems by reinventing asset management with files directly linked to projects and intuitive version control removing duplicate files forever.

The global launch will take place in September at Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, where the team made it through through to finalist stage for a booth. Speaking about the Summit, co-founder Lauren Crystal says, “We applied for the Forbes booth on a whim really and we’re really excited to have got through to present our product and our vision. It’ll be really great to represent Australian SaS start-ups.”

Beyond the user-friendly platform, Hassl’s vision offers businesses the opportunity to optimise its workflow through big data analysis. “If data is the new oil, Hassl can be mining for your business every day,” Furlong says. “In the long-term, businesses can benefit the platform’s labelled data infrastructure. Meaning businesses will have meaningful big datasets that they can easily analyse to gather unique insights about the efficiency of their projects and workflow. Our next challenge is to automate the analytics component with machine learning algorithms to give constant insights to increase productivity.”

Hassl beta will open to 1000 free user accounts.

For more information visit yourcreative.com.au.

Image: Hassl team, courtesy of Your Creative.

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