Heat with less carbon footprint this winter

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Dimplex has released a range of oil-free column heaters it says will warm spaces faster and more efficiently.

The range of oil-free radiators are more energy efficient when used to reach 20 degrees Celsius, compared to other Dimplex products of similar size.

Lighter in weight, too, the range can be manoeuvred easily, allowing for a highly functional heat source that produces less carbon.

Turbo fans within the heater provide instant heat and with fewer fins, producing a clean, aesthetically pleasing product, says a promotional release.

Other features include:

  • 30 percent more effective than oil when used to reach 20 degrees Celsius
  • up to eight times faster warm-up than Dimplex oil heaters of a similar size
  • two heat settings
  • seven-year warranty, and
  • an anthracite finish.

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