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What do the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the 2012 London Olympic Games and next year’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games all have in common? The answer is that all of these prestigious sporting events have utilised the services of temporary power supplier, Aggreko – a power, cooling and heating specialist provider for the facilities management sector.

The aforementioned events were of course all huge logistical undertakings, but Aggreko is equally adept at servicing small enterprises in this sector. It offers a complete one-stop solution, ranging from site survey to specification, installation, commissioning, servicing, refuelling and extraction.

Under the temporary power solution, Aggreko supplies a range of generators, including super silent and low-emission generators, high voltage options and, for the environmentally conscious, gas generators, which can reduce emissions by up to 40 percent, compared to standard diesel sets.

In the area of temperature control, the company can supply chillers, cooling towers, heaters, heat exchangers, air-conditioners and air-handling units (including specialist low-temperature cold store units).

Additionally, the company offers monitoring of equipment using the Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) system, which transmits real-time data back to the Remote Operations Centre (ROC) staffed by technical experts 24/7. The real-time data gathered at the ROC is used to analyse, diagnose and solve problems faster and with greater accuracy, and is also used to proactively prevent potential issues.

Considering its experience with events like the Olympic Games, it’s no surprise to learn that the company boasts the world’s largest fleet of generators, temperature control equipment and loadbanks. From providing minor supplementary air-conditioning solutions to delivering complex, high-voltage projects with grid connection requirements, the company is able to offer specialised custom designed solutions for such facilities as data centres, finance and banking institutes, manufacturing sites, food and beverage manufacturing sites, hospitals, hotels and airports.

This is a 24/7 business, offering flexibility, engineering support, experienced personnel and project management, on a national and, indeed, worldwide scale. Examples of hire applications include:

  • generator hire – over a weekend for a music festival
  • HVAC – to help maintain safe working environments
  • industrial cooling – systems for factories after a breakdown
  • emergency power – following natural disasters, and
  • power supply – for entire cities in times of shortage.

With the rigours of climate change and extreme weather events becoming increasingly evident, the last two categories are seeing greater significance for facilities managers globally. An example of this is when a tornado damaged one of six critical cooling towers at an Oklahoma power station in the US. To add to the challenge, the power station was facing fines of US$100,000 a day as part of its contract.

Within eight days, Aggreko was able to assemble a temporary system, comprising 45, 1000-tonne modular cooling towers, associated power transformers, power distribution and piping systems.

This article also appears in the April/May issue of Facility Management magazine.

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