HID’s Mobile Access revolutionises the user journey from building entrance to seat

by Helena Morgan
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Reputable manufacturer of secure identity products and services, HID, continues to demonstrate commitment to innovative and sustainable digital credentials by inviting facilities to embrace the convenience, efficiency and multi-layered security of mobile access solutions. 

It is no secret that smartphones are the centre of the universe – ubiquitous tools that boast every amenity and feature imaginable. Our phones function as wallets, communication devices, news and current affairs outlets, entertainment, vessels for leisurely reading, and now, keys to access secured doors, gates, networks and services. 

HID’s mobile access solutions remedies the all-too-familiar workplace trope of staff misplacing physical security passes and office lanyards and subsequently producing a cumbersome retrieval process. HID maintains that plastic staff cards and lanyards belong in a bygone era. 

With HID Mobile Access, users of a space can simply tap or ‘twist’ a smartphone or wearable device such as an Apple Watch or an Android phone to enter a facility or network and enjoy a sustainable digital access solution experience, grounded in safety and security. 

Flexible, interactive and community-centric facilities 

Mobile access control is emerging as a trend for numerous reasons, mainly due to smashing sustainability goals – WiredScore bestowed Mobile Access with Smartscore certification. It also guarantees efficiency by throwing away tedious physical access forms of staff identification and security such as staff cards and lanyards.

Users of commercial real estate buildings, higher education facilities, office spaces and data centres will no longer need to present a physical staff card to enter a building and identify themselves. HID’s mobile access application stores employee security information and is fitted with a digital key.

Such facilities that incorporate HID mobile access solutions into daily operations will find such spaces thrive as flexible, interactive and community-centric facilities. 

A rewarding and innovative approach to security and identification

The rewards of mobile access include advanced security, increased convenience, efficiency and seamless check-ins and sign-outs. 

Additionally, HID hopes to illuminate a new and innovative approach to staff identification and facility security that is environmentally responsible, by replacing outdated plastic staff cards. Switching to mobile access marks a productive step towards reducing a company’s ecological footprint by avoiding plastic wastage.

Network visibility and structured access management  

Security staff, operational buyers, IT managers, software app developers and facilities managers alike will benefit from embracing mobile access solutions.

HID mobile access nourishes these stakeholders’ appreciation of interoperability, network visibility and structured access management. Facilities managers will particularly commend the value of mobile access in creating a safe and hospitable user experience, alongside streamlining communication and control processes. 

Comparison of physical and mobile access 

Physical access control measures such as tags and cards with old and outdated technologies are susceptible to cloning. Comparatively, HID’s mobile credentials are powered by HID Seos® technology — a credential technology built to deliver superior data integrity and privacy protection by leveraging the latest cryptographic algorithms and security techniques. Additionally, mobile solutions can merge physical and logical access control on the smart device. 

HID mobile access relies on multi-layered authentication and protects privacy through the lifecycle of mobile ID. The mobile access solutions leverage on the mobile phone’s in-built advanced authentication methods such as biometrics or two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of protection, subsequently making the mobile device one of the most secure form factors.

Physical cards and tags demand a slower and more paced process of revocation, insurance or change of access rights, yet online portals are capable of being revoked, issued or changed. 

Mobile credentials are centralised on a web portal, therefore avoiding onerous non-centralised badge management. Securely stored credential data is guaranteed with an access control solutions provider such as HID, as HID Mobile Access is armed with certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001 for information security management and SOC 2 Type 2 for data security.

A facility’s commitment to the future 

In light of the Ericsson Mobility Report 2022, which anticipates 71 percent of the global population will be using smartphones by 2028, HID believes facilities should capitalise on the opportunity to future-proof and incorporate digital security and identity solutions into daily operations. 

Not only will facilities reap the benefits of a fluid and paced access experience by investing in mobile access, but also join the pursuit towards a sustainably mindful future  – delivering excellence for stakeholders and pursuing environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and compliance.

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