High speed charging of mobile devices

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Leading electrical manufacturer Legrand has launched a module for charging multiple mobile devices simultaneously at their maximum speed, from the convenience of a powerpoint or switchplate.

Called the Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module, the product conveniently addresses Australia’s high demand for charging mobile products and the current frustration of not having enough powerpoints to charge them in.

Delivering a market-leading specification in USB charging, with a 4.2A maximum total charging capacity – 2.1A (or 10 watts) per USB socket, the dual connection design allows charging of any combination of mobile devices, including two tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, mp3 players and GPS (global positioning system) without the need for the original manufacturer’s charger.

Featuring surge protection, any connected mobile devices are safe from power surges and other voltage disturbances while charging. Overload protection also limits the current supplied to a mobile device, in case of a short circuit on the USB cable, protecting valuable devices from any electrical damage.

Exceeding the AS/NZS 4665 Standard relating to Performance of External Power Supplies, with a Level 5 compliance, the Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module delivers superior energy efficiency and achieves the lowest possible standby power consumption of <0.15 watts.

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