Start-up incubator Hoist is lifting Australia’s innovation ecosystem

by Tiffany Paczek
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Hoist is a venture by Mirvac that seeks to advance Australia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing curated environments for corporates and start-ups to collaborate and innovate. It recently opened its second Sydney location following an extremely successful pilot stage.

Inside a Heritage-listed building at 80 Bay Street, Ultimo, the second location will accommodate a larger workplace to meet the increasing demand for more desks from start-ups and corporates. Hoist, an independent private company by Mirvac, will initially move into one floor with 100 desks and the intention to grow across additional levels in the near future.

General manager of Workplace Experiences at Mirvac, Paul Edwards, says, “We are thrilled with the ongoing growth and success of Hoist. Since launching the pilot space in 2017, we’ve been able to prove a successful model for Hoist and are proud to have opened a second workplace to deliver on our customer’s needs, market interest and continue expanding the company.

“There is growing attention in the Australian market on fostering innovation and start-ups across the country; however, recent research has pointed to a slowdown in the sector. As a vital part of our future economy, supporting the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs and business founders in Australia is a clear objective for Mirvac – the right precinct, working environment and ecosystem is key to achieving this.

“Now with a proven business model for success, our goal is to roll out Hoist to new locations across the country, providing the essential ingredients for start-ups to succeed,”  Edwards says.

As part of Mirvac’s revitalisation of South Eveleigh in Sydney, Hoist’s pilot space at the Locomotive Workshops will undergo a significant refurbishment.

Hoist has been instrumental in growing a number of Australian start-ups including Evergen, a new breed of energy services company that sells and manages intelligent home energy systems.

Evergen CEO Emlyn Keane says, “The partnership with Hoist has been integral to the success and growth of Evergen. The affiliation with Mirvac and professional office environment has been instrumental in our success for attracting new capital partners. We have also benefitted from close proximity to other start-ups, and the culture of innovation and knowledge sharing at Hoist.”

Since joining Hoist in 2017, Evergen has grown significantly expanding from five to sixteen full time employees and a number of contract resources in two locations. Evergen is also suppling energy systems to a number of Mirvac’s residential developments and hotels, and is currently working with Mirvac on the House with No Bills pilot, where a Melbourne family has been selected to live in a world-first pilot house to test energy efficient technologies.

“The success of Evergen is testament to the Hoist model that provides the essential amenities and support for start-up companies to thrive. Evergen have clearly benefitted from access to a major client in Mirvac, and indirect access to Mirvac’s customers, this is key to the success of Hoist,” added Mr Edwards.

Hoist members benefit from a group of experienced community managers that provide advice, connect start-ups and corporate partners, identify opportunities for collaboration and act as sounding boards for ideas.

Members will also have access to a variety of workspaces including offices, meetings rooms, a boardroom, full service printers and high speed internet. Hoist at 80 Bay Street is in an ideal location, opposite Broadway Shopping Centre, which provides access to a fantastic range of additional retail and service offerings.

Images courtesy of Mirvac.

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