Honeywell launches new barcode scanners

by FM Media
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Honeywell Scanning & Mobility has launched a new suite of retail barcode scanners, designed to increase efficiency, for example, minimising check-out times in retail facilities or inventory management in commercial facilities.

Of interest in this new series of scanners is the Voyager 1202G (above) which is one of the company’s first battery-free wireless laser scanners. The new Voyager 1202G is Honeywell’s first of many battery-free wireless laser scanners, and provides the same aggressive linear barcode scanning performance as a wired scanner but without the long recharge time, maintenance, or environmental disposal issues associated with traditional batteries.

Other models include: the Voyager 1602G, a pocket 2D Bluetooth scanner; the Voyager 1450G, a tethered scanner; and Voyager 1452, a wireless scanner for linear barcode scanning.

“Mobile commerce continues to shape the retail industry across Asia Pacific and consumer shopping experience from on-line to off-line drives retailers’ transformation. Retailers are feeling more pressure than ever from consumers to deliver faster and smoother in-store experiences,” said Lynn Huang Freeman, head of marketing and strategy, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility Asia Pacific. She added that the company hopes that the new suite of scanners will assist in helping professionals in relevant industries run operations more efficiently while also improving customer experience.

The new scanners are now available to be shipped to Australia and New Zealand.

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