How apps can streamline staff management

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PAUL MCCANN, managing director at CMC Property Services, explains how the new application it has developed has streamlined its staff management processes and minimised paperwork.

CMC Property Services (CMC) has developed a new application (app) that records shift start and finish hours of its cleaners. Using a Samsung Galaxy tablet, cleaners scan a barcode on the back of their ID cards to recognise the start and finish times of their shifts.
The app – known as Staffscan – records cleaners’ start, finish and total shift time. At the end of the shift, this information is then relayed electronically back to our central electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) system for recording and processing, cutting out hours of manual paperwork in CMC’s operations.
Staffscan also recognises the site location through GPS. Once the information is sent to our ECRM system, the system then categorises the information and transfers it into a report for operations management and payroll to quality check.

With the previous manual process, our individual cleaners at our sites had to fill out a paper timesheet and scan or fax it to head office to be processed. Our account managers would then have to manually import this into our electronic systems, quality check it and then pass it on to payroll, which then did the same. In most cases, this would involve printing two or three copies of the timesheet.
Staffscan allows us to cut out the manual paper systems in our operations and to record the information directly at the site and electronically send it to our central system without the use of any paper.
In addition, our clients can have direct portal access to the information recorded by Staffscan, allowing them to see who is on their site in real time. This is a real bonus and a welcome value-add for our clients who, for occupational health and safety (OH&S) reasons, want to know who is on their site and when.

An additional advantage of the system is the fact that it is helping us reach our goal of moving to paperless operations in the next five years. Earlier this year, we analysed our business processes to see where we could be more efficient and use less paper.
After consulting with key staff and IT specialists, it became apparent that the process of recording staff attendance and hours needed an overhaul. It was after consulting with our operations, management and IT staff that we came up with the structure and idea for Staffscan.
Currently, Staffscan is only used at sites that have supervisors. In terms of security, only site supervisors hold our tablets and have access to Staffscan. They set up the tablet at the start of the shift, scan all their cleaners in for the shift (which is GPS verified) and out at the end of the shift. They then check that the shift information is correct before sending the information to our ECRM system electronically.
By default, we have built an added quality check into our process and made the information more secure and correct. Staffscan allows us to get the data directly from the source and the beauty of it is that it feeds directly into our current ECRM system so the information is all recorded in a central location.
The key to our success with Staffscan is that we took the time to analyse our current processes and to look at where we could improve. Consulting with our staff allowed us to ensure every part of the process worked progressively to the end result.
We are currently trialling Staffscan with an aim to roll out the system nationally in 2013.

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