How healthy is your building? Honeywell launches Healthy Building Score system for workplace reopenings

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Sixty-six percent of people do not feel comfortable returning to their workplace right now, according to Qualtrics data. In response, Honeywell has announced a way to measure how ‘return ready’ a business is.

Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings Score is an IoT (Internet of Things) software that analyses building data to calculate how suitable a building is for reopening. By integrating air quality, safety and security technologies along with advanced analytics, the system is designed to help building owners minimise potential risks of contamination and ensure business continuity.

The system combines four factors:

  • Tracking indoor operations: real-time data is analysed across factors that keep a building healthy, such as air quality and ventilation.
  • Occupant behaviour: video surveillance measures the flow of people and determines how closely social distancing measures are being followed.
  • Worker entry and equipment: new policies are integrated, such as temperature screenings and the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) via thermal imaging technology.
  • Transparency: combining these data points, the system develops a score and real-time recommendations, which can be shared with employees.

The system and score are viewed and managed through a dashboard with real-time information.

“Returning to work after a pandemic will not be returning to business as usual,” says Honeywell Building Technologies president and CEO Vimal Kapur. “Occupants will want credible information and increased visibility into how building technology is protecting their health and what has been done to ensure that the buildings they enter are safe. Healthy buildings go beyond just energy efficiency to ensure the health, comfort, confidence and productivity of the people who use them.”

The solution is broken into two packages – one focused on indoor air quality and the other on safety and security.

Honeywell Healthy Buildings Air Quality package:

  • helps building owners implement local guidelines
  • manages pressurisation, ventilation, temperature and humidity
  • gauges environmental and occupancy parameters
  • provides real-time insights on contaminant risk, alerts to change HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters, cleaning and occupant behaviour, and
  • controls and optimises UV sterilisation, air filtration and air composition.

Honeywell Healthy Buildings Safety and Security package:

  • manages people flow and reporting, people counting, proactive property protection, thermal temperature screening and PPE mask detection
  • monitors and helps sustain compliance with social distancing and space sanitation, and
  • supports contact tracing due to potential virus exposure by leveraging advanced video analytics and incident management workflows.

Photo by Lewis Roberts on Unsplash


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